As Makesse Makine, we produce parts that require special design by using metal or non-metal raw materials such as stainless, titanium, metal, brass, engineering plastics for all processes of industries such as automotive, machinery, energy and textile. With our professional CNC machine workshop and our expert team, we are committed to completing and delivering your orders on time. At the same time, with the price advantage we provide, we produce your high precision products with low costs.

Makesse Makine, which takes its strength from its engineer-based founders, has a team of expert and experienced operators. Our company, which uses high-tech CNC milling and CNC turning machines for precision machining, is the professional business partner of all industries for machining processes. We manufacture for small-scale orders of a few parts, as well as large-scale orders of thousands of parts.


CNC Turning, a complex and detailed machining method, is a process that facilitates the production of customized parts and components using a lathe. The workpiece or raw material to be processed is fixed and rotated by the machine. With its dual-axis motion at high speeds, the lathe shapes the workpiece using a single-ended cutter or a boring tool. As a result, the desired component is produced. With our state-of-the-art machinery, computer systems and expert operators, we are able to produce parts with the finest details for the most rigid designs, using lathes with a wide variety of cutting tips in different shapes and precision.


Milling is performed as one of several basic machining processes to produce a custom-designed part of desired shapes and sizes from a part made of metal or various materials. In milling, unwanted material is removed from the workpiece using a high-speed rotary cutter. The cutting tool is advanced at the desired angle with the axis of the tool. CNC milling can be applied to small workpieces as well as large and heavy materials.

Under favour of our high-capacity CNC machining shop designed for a variety of long-life batch processes for short or long processes, we are able to deliver your orders with superior quality, short lead times and lower costs. We can process workpieces of various sizes, from a few millimeters to one meter.