Makesse Makine

Quality Policy

Our understanding of quality takes place step by step, starting from the raw material procurement process until reaching the production process and final control stage. Customer satisfaction is our top priority with our approach aiming at international quality within the framework of the quality management system.

As Makesse Makine, we take our step-by-step quality approach in 3 basic steps.

Raw Material Quality

We aim to ensure that the raw material to be processed with our state of the art machines during the production phase has passed the necessary tests and has the features to meet certain standards.

Production Quality

In line with the Quality Management Standard in production, we present products that pass all tests successfully, while offering solutions with the awareness of our responsibility to our customers.

Control Quality

By evaluating the performance of the finished product to respond to customer expectations, we evaluate compliance with the criteria and within this framework, we prepare our products for delivery.

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