Hassas işleme ve tornalama işleminde kalite kontrolden bahsederken herkesin aklına parça işlemeden sonra kontrol etmek gelir. Ancak bu pek öyle değildir. Doğrulama veya nihai kalite kontrol sadece bir kısımdır. Kalite, üretim başlamadan çok önce başlayan, gerçekten daha geniş bir disiplindir. Bu sayede kalite kontrolün işlemden önce yapılması tornalama işleminde iyi parça kalitesi elde edebilmek için son derece önemlidir.

Quality Planning Before Machining

The first action before production planning is to examine the quality requirements. This means that accepted tolerances and strategies for both machining and measurement need to be developed. With regard to machining strategies, the tool type, working conditions and paths are defined as well as whether additional passes are required to remove burrs. It should be noted that in the machining of sensitive parts, any subsequent manual intervention should be avoided.

Quality Control Strategy in Precision Machining

Another aspect is the measurement strategy. In addition to deciding by which means the verification will be made, it is also necessary to determine when it will be carried out. In metals, controls are made both during the process and at the end of the process.

Returning to the strategy, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Description of the instruments to be used.
  • Realization of the control chart.
  • Preparation of process control sheet (if any) and final control.

Another important point is the measurement of shape defects. In the case of roundness it is very important to set this up with the client who will then carry out the relevant checks. For example, when machining the tapered portion of a femoral stem, both the heights at which measurements are to be made and the tolerance limits and other machine parameters that affect the results must be determined.

Professional Turning Operations

As Makesse Makine, our company, which operates in an expert and professional manner in its field, we carry out the turning operations meticulously. At this point, what you need to do to feel the professionalism offered by our company by taking advantage of professional turning processes is very simple. By contacting Makesse Makine, you can get detailed information about all our production processes and benefit from the perfect services in the best way.

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